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So Worth It is broken down into two separate divisions; The Moms Division and the Senior Leaders Division. While our divisions often team up and work together their activities and business plans vary based on their specific needs.

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Moms Division
This group of So Worth It is made up of self-movitated, energetic professional or former professional moms. These moms want to earn a significant part-time or full-time income, but they don’t want to be tied to a 9 - 5 job and prefer the flexibility of working for themselves around their families schedules 10 - 20+ hours per week. While many of the moms in this division are also home with their kids, they do take their business seriously and give it the consistent time and effort it deserves.

"Working full time I missed my kids, being home full time I missed my paycheck. Here at So Worth It I have replaced my corporate income working around my kids without missing a first step, first word or first day of school."

- Denise Kustka
mom of 3 (ages 4, 7, & 10)

Senior Leaders
The Senior Leaders division is made up of outgoing, enthusiastic, seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for a lifestyle that gives them time freedom and financial peace of mind. They are looking for flexibility, a secure retirement and/or an opportunity to transition out of corporate America. They have a strong work ethic and a passion for helping other people succeed.

"As a former CPA I'm thrilled to have found that here it is possible to have both money and the time to enjoy it. And the best part is that I work with a team of people all dedicated to helping others reach their goals."

- Kathy Simmers

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